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The following services, included within the overall

project management and supervision, are afforded during the construction phase of the project:

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Build To Suit Construction

Build to Suit Construction is constructing a commercial building or etc. constructed particularly  to the consumer's demand. 

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Building Service

Interior renovations, repair work, maintenance services, minor modifications and urgent construction services.

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Spray foam insulation is made of two synthetic materials: polyurethane and isocyanate. Whenever these two solutions are mixed, they react chemically, allowing the mixed active ingredient to expand and harden. 

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General Contractor

A consultant is in charge of organizing, guiding, conducting, monitoring , evaluating, and examining a constructing building project. Despite of the budget and schedule, commitment extends from the start to the end.

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Build Out Construction

Infrastructure projects performed on a commercial buildable land to make it usable for a tenant. Under this regard, build outs may also be referred to as "tenant improvements," or TIs. An architect is regularly used to develop build outs.

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Construction Phase Service

Collaboration, application, and completion of the building projects described in the Contract Records are referred to as Construction Phase Solutions. 

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A site safety officer has the responsibility of ensuring that all employees on a worksite are working in a safe environment and following all safety protocols. Building projects officers may have other obligations, though - and their main duty is to keep the system secure on the job site.

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Demolition Service

Each demolition begins with the study of our technical department, which once moved to the place of work, depending on the characteristics of each work and its environment.

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We provide containers according to the needs of our clients. The removal of waste is carried out with the most suitable vehicle or manually.

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Land Use Analysis

Soil studies allow us to know the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the land where it is planned to build.

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With a design-build project AMERICAN VALUE CONSTRUCTION acts as a single point of responsibility, ensuring continuity in commitments, communication, and results. We take on the responsibilities of sourcing and managing all architectural, engineering, property development and construction services. By integrating the design and construction phases of the project, the design-build process streamlines and propels the project development significantly in contrast to a slower conventional design-bid-build.

Scheduling & Phasing

The development of the agenda of projects, jobs, disclosure of plan due dates from beginning to end. 

Project Logistics

The management of the transportation of products or equipment from one location to another. 

Project Control 

A subsection of Project Management that focuses on project schedule and budget managing. 

Cost Control

Assists project managers in avoiding budget overruns by providing standards for manpower, equipment, and maintenance cost estimates.

Permits and Fees

Legal authorizations to construct a structure granted by a city or district.  Ensures workers ’ safety in accordance to architectural, construction, and zoning regulations.

Inspections and Safety

Safety regulations are the most efficient way to detect dangerous conditions on the site beforehand. Construction sites require frequent surveillance and supervision.

Project Accounting 

Refers to all elements related to financial transactions in a project. This includes everything from project costs, billing and revenue.

Project Close-Out

The process involves evaluating the project, transferring the deliverables to a client, distributing resources and communicating with the stakeholders during each stage of a project through its completion.

Maintenance of SIte Documents

 Is any record containing information that you might need to complete maintenance tasks and inspections.


Is a comprehensive insurance policy that is provided by a developer to the owner/buyer. It offers peace of mind that the building has been constructed to a standard set by the warranty provider.

Control of Shop Drawings and Submittals

The contract documents assign primary responsibilities for shop drawings to the contractor and

sec- ondarily to the design 


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