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Recycled Cardboard


Our objective in this field is that companies can dedicate 100% of their resources to developing their activity.


Dedicated Team Ready to Assist You

Today American Value Construction has  successfully constructed a vast amount of projects all over the Rio Grande Valley. 

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At AVC we offer both the collection service with our means at the client's facilities, as well as the reception of any type of waste.

We provide containers according to the needs of our clients.

The removal of waste is carried out with the most suitable vehicle or manually.


We disassemble, cut and manage any type of machinery, structure or installation with mechanical and manual means and,

if necessary, we package the waste with our mobile press.

We offer a high value-added service such as the destruction of confidential information on any support such as paper, digital files or textile pieces, among others.


Our objective is to carry out transformations, in this case, in order to leave your spaces ready and suitable for new stages of development, opening up an infinite number of possibilities of use. For this process, specific work plans are prepared with prior assessments to define the type of structure (civil or industrial, concrete, number of floors, evaluation of foundations, etc.) and determine what resources will be used, such as the use of machinery and/or workforce. In addition, regarding the steel structures, we carry out dismantling accompanied by the flame cutting team, achieving structural cuts to begin the crane maneuver with greater precision and efficiency.

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