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The Market will reward the bold

As you can see, the overall trend described in the article (referenced below) points to how the market is trending, which is for the population looking to rent as opposed to buy. This is true for the majority of the market whose income places them on a bracket where the above makes sense.

What that means to you as an investor, is that when you actually build, buy, remodel, renovate, or recondition a home, or a multi-residential unit, as an investment property; you’re setting yourself for success to have it rented in a market that is willing to pay a premium to live in a modern, well designed and thought-out property.

The market will reward the bold that took the opportunity to invest, and that reward will be reflected in the form of a lease that takes care of a mortgage or that more than satisfies the ROI for your investment, leaving money in your pocket, while your asset appreciates over time, so when the time comes, not only you would have been covering your monthly costs, but also making you a monthly profit, with the option in the future to sell in a high demand market to free your capital for bigger real estate investments, or to refinance and accomplish the same.

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